Home remedies for Dog itching and losing hair

Tips below will help your dog get rid of itchy skin and solution to hair loss in Dogs

AHH!! Your poor little doggy, what if he start losing his hair? Dog itching and losing hair is quite a disaster for dogs and you really need to know Home remedies for Dog itching and losing hair.

NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! You got it all covered.

causes of hair loss and itching in dogs

Before jumping into the remedies. Let’s go through causes of hair loss.

Hair loss in dogs can be caused by several reasons like…

Hair loss caused by allergies – Parasite triggers like mites and fleas, environmental factors, food can cause allergies and the result your doggy loss hair.

CUSHING DISEASE (Hyperadrenocorticism) – OMG!!! Name is complicated… If your doggies body tissue is too much exposed, there is a chance of producing more hormones called cortisol which leads to cushing disease.

INFECTIONS – bacterial and fungal infections can cause hair loss

PRESSURE SORES (bed sores) – often caused by chronic trauma to a dog’s skin.

GENETICS YIKES!!! Like human beings, some doggies are prone to baldness.

There can be inflammation too when this happens!

Well, it is not easy for them.

Do not jump into conclusions every now and then. You need to know what your dog is going through.

Let us see what the signs for hair loss are:-

  • Itching
  • Dry skin
  • Scaly skin
  • Bald patches in the skin
  • Yeast infection and the foul smell
  • Irritated red skin
  • Crusty and thickened skin
  • Bleeding or moist discharge along the affected area
  • Frequent licking in the infected area.

Ah! That is some bit of information that can come to your help.

Now let me enlighten you with some home remedies of dog itching and loss of hair.

Oooh-laa-laaaaa!! You can get it all done at your place! No pressure!

Yogurt- Prevent itching

yogurt helps in boosting immune and prevents itching in dogs

Yogurt is a cure to almost everything. Feed him yogurt and it is not only going to help in the itching but also boosts the immune system.

As you know plain yogurt is good for your tummy, in the same way, it’s good for your bowwow!!!

Summary: Do double Check!!! You are not feeding yogurt with sugar or additives, always prefer plain yogurt.

Vitamin E-

vitamin e prevents skin allergies and itching in dogs know more at

Do you use vitamin E to care your skin? whoo-hoo!! Now you gotta share it with your pooch.

Break open a VITAMIN E tablet and apply on your dog’s skin. Tadaaaa!!! See how the magic works!

Summary: Itchy pup!!? Skin infections can be wiped out with the use of vitamin E.

Ground oatmeal

grounded oatmeal bath help to soothe itchy skin know more at

Wanna give your pup relief from allergies? Oatmeal and a warm bath will help in soothing your doggies itchy skin.Home remedies for Dog itching and losing hair

Cures inflamed and itchy skin. Grind the baby oatmeal cereal and mix with the shampoo or buy a colloidal oatmeal shampoo. Either way, it is a win-win.

Summary: Oatmeal is an age-old remedy with anti-inflammatory properties, which is totally non-toxic and definitely help your doggy.


excercise helps dog to forget about itchy skin for few moments know more at

Surprised!? Well, doing exercises actually makes them forget about their itchy skin. SMART MOVE!

Don’t be lazy, go for a walk outdoors with your canine companion. It will improve doggy health and yours too. DOUBLE BENEFIT!!!

Summary: PERK PERK!! Running, walking, playing with them will help to forget about itchiness, spend time with your doggy to improve your bonding.

Epsom salt

Epsom salt helps in soothing itchiness and hair loss in dog know more at

Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) can help your doggy itchy skin in healing and soothing.

Take baths in warm water in Epsom salt and you will see the change!

Summary: CAUTION!! Never soak or dip your pup in Epsom salt, it can cause serious illness.

Apple cider vinegar for hair loss

Apple cider vinegar is best and oldes Home remedies for Dog itching and losing hair know more at

Being a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, apple cider vinegar can be either dabbed on the skin or added on their bath. It is going to be a complete refreshment to the skin.
Take a spray bottle fill equal parts of vinegar with water spray on the affected area. See the magic!!!

Summary: Apple Cider – one of the oldest and effective home remedy for dog hair loss

Topical olive oil

topical oilve oil is good Home remedies for Dog itching and losing hair in dogs know more at

Olive oil moisturizes dry and rough skin and it is all that your dog really needs! Massage and massage! Mmm…….he is going to love it!

Summary: Topical olive oil is natural and safe for your dog.

Dry shampoo

homemade dry shampoo helps in cleansing dogs body Home remedies for Dog itching and losing hair know more at

Helps in removing nasty residues from the dog’s body and exfoliates the skin.
Wait! Confused about what a dry shampoo is? Well, it is not the dried form of shampoo! Ugh!

Uncooked oatmeal, whole bran, cornmeal, cookie sheet- spread either in a sheet and warm it in the oven for about 5 minutes. Wonder why you need to do this? Well, this brings out the natural oil in the grains. Like it?! Ooooooh yeaaaaaaahh!!!! This grain is the dry shampoo.

Rub it on your dog’s body and concentrate more on the affected area. DRY SHAMPOO TO THE RESCUE!

Summary: Is your doggie lazy to take bath? Don’t Worry!! This home-made dry shampoo which is completely natural will keep your doggy skin and hair healthy.

Baking soda

baking soda is best home remedy for dog itchinessknow more at

Well, you might be using it to beautify yourself but let me tell you, it can come to your dog’s help too!
Make a paste of baking soda (with water) and apply on the affected area (20 mins).
ABRA-CA-DABRA! It is all going to be great!

Summary: You are gonna love this.. Your doggy will smell good and will be fresh until the next wet bath.

CBD oil for dog hair loss

cdb oil cures skin allergies excessive shedding in dog know more at

Hair loss is common in the human being in this day and age. Ohh!! Is your pooch to facing hair loss problem? Home remedies for Dog itching and losing hair. Don’t fret!! CBD oil (cannabidiol) is the solution.

Rich in omega 3 and fatty acids, it can reduce inflammation in the skin. Guess what’s the result is? It lessens irritation and itchiness. All you have to do gently massage a thin layer of CBD oil on to the skin.

Summary: Using CBD oil makes your doggy less anxious and calms down. Doggy will get rid of skin allergies. It is known to be one of the best home remedies for hair loss in doggies

So, what’s the takeaway?

To conclude, these are a few things that can actually come rushing to your help.

Go outdoors with your pooch, play with them, get dirty. No problem!!

Go practice the tips i share above, and you are good to go.

You should give your pooch the best. Be a wonderful master by mastering the home remedies!

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