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How to know your Dog is happy

know all the signs of a happy dog know more at

Oh-laa-laaa!!! Got the happiest Dog, aye? Oh, wait! You don’t know if your Dog is happy? Hmm!! Bad at realizing signs, ah? Are you confused!!! why do they wag full body? Why is your pooch following you room to room?

Well, here are a few things which can actually come to your help (Know it right when your Dog is happy. How to know your Dog is happy?)

Like your toddler, it’s sometimes hard to understand your Doggie’s body language and vocalization. It’s all right, reading this article would definitely help you in understanding your Doggy emotions.

Let’s check out the specific signs that indicate your Doggy is happy.

Sign No.1: It’s all in the eyes

your doggy  blinking eyes says he is happy know more at

Relaxed eyelids and eyes with lots of blinking (he becomes a Bollywood heroine all of a sudden with a lot of batting of the eyes)

Soft gazes ( oooooh, so soothing) with smoother brows.

Sign No.2: Watch out for the ears

your doggy  blinking eyes says he is happy know more at

Are the ears relaxed and floppy against the side of their heads (not pointed or cocked)? It indicates your pooch is happy.

Sign No.3: Smiles!! Don’t miss it…

how happy dog smile know more at

With a little open mouth and few teeth out, it is almost as if he/she is smiling with tongue lolling. You just can’t miss out on this sign. CUTEST THING EVER!

Sign No.4: Relaxed and high

is your doggy realxed and high no doubt your doggy is joyful know more at

It’s one of the easy ways to identify whether your Doggy is happy or not. You might have noticed this several times, relaxed postures with tail wagging and high.

Next time this scene you won’t forget. It is almost as if she/he is partying inside – ALL WIGGLES.

Sign No.5: Healthy appetite

healthy apetite means your doggy is happy know more at

Is your Doggy food lover? That’s a good sign, you can tell your Doggy is happy and visibly healthy too

Sign No.6: Lot of sleeping

lot of sleeping is an healthy sign of dog is cheerful know more at

Normal human being sleeps up to 8 hrs, that enough for us. If your Doggy sleeps for up to 16 hours a day. Don’t think he is lazy. Its happy news because your Doggy is stress-Free!!! Isn’t that good to hear?

Sign No.7: The nicest Dog alive

calm and active doggy is the nicest dog know more at

You heard me right! With no destructive behaviors, you will see the calmest and nicest dog of all times. TRUST ME! He will be at his best, even when is home alone! Yaaaaayyyy!!!

He is going to be all mentally and physically stimulated.

Sign No.8: All playful and free

carefree and playful dog is a very happy dog know more at

You can see it all in his attitude. Carefree and playful!

All ready for a game or walk and at his best to socialize! Maybe you’ll be lazy, but your DOG WILL NEVER BE LAZY IF HE IS HAPPY!

Take it as an advantage to make yourself get going ( if your Dog can be happy and make things fine, even you too can)


NOTE: If your furry buddy is not up for some fun time, then it is high time you take care of him/her and maybe even take them to the vet.

Sign No.9: The belly says it all!

dogs wriggle on their back to express happiness know more at

It’s a fun sight! Happy Dogs wriggle on their backs as they love showing you their bellies. Plus, it is tongues out!

Sign No. 10: Happy barks!

short and high pitched barking is a sign of jolly dog know more at

Oh yes! Barks can be happy too. Those barks are short lived. They love to bark but keep it short.
See to it! If your Dog does the happy barking; if he does, well, Its happy-happy time!

NOTE: Happy barks are highly-pitched.

Sign No. 11: Play bow

play bow body language of dog says he is happy know more at

It’s cheer time!!! Happy mood!! Your Doggy wanna play. He/she shows up the sign like raising their backsides in the air and lower their chests to the ground as if he/she is doing some YOGA Hihihi!!!

It’s an invitation for you or a Doggy friend.

Sign No. 12: You are the utmost priority

happy dogs express love always being around the masters know more at

Well, it is always the master who is the priority, but happy dogs have a habit of leaning close into you and keep close contact with your body.

THEY LOVE YOU and THEY EXPRESS IT WELL (unlike humans). They never fail any opportunity they get to be with you and it is all forms of love.

Sign No. 13: Thrilled to see you

masters are dogs best friend they thrilled to see you know more at

Masters are a Dog’s center of attraction and there is nothing more exciting for them than to feel your presence.

Dogs are always excited (SUPER EXCITED) to see someone come through the door ( Well, be it their own master or members of his master’s family), even if it just a second after stepping out of the house.

Know more about your pet Dog

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So, what’s the takeaway?

Well, How to know your Dog is happy? Signs that indicate your Doggy is happy. that is all you need! Your Dog launching at you with all the love in the world when you walks in and there is no better sight than that!

If your dog is slouching and is not interested in anything and is all shut in, check on him, give him attention and mostly, take him to the vet. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE SURE THAT YOUR DOG IS HAPPY!

No one can love you like your Dog do. ROGER THAT (Happy or not happy, it doesn’t matter for them).

Written by Your Dog Advisor

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