What causes bad breath in a Dog

know the reason why your dog breath smell bad

Fond of your dog, but can’t bare his false bad breath? Poor Pooch!!! What causes bad breath in a Dog? He doesn’t know the reason, but you can cure bad breath in your dog.

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Well… I know you are worried about What causes bad breath in a Dog? Its time you need to know “WHY”.

Keeping your dog away from KISSING and LICKING you because he’s got bad breath is not a solution?

Dogs and bad breath are very common and it is important to know how it occurs and to avoid them.

Dogs are so intimate that they always prefer to stay close to you and it is going to hurt them very badly if you shoo them away because of their bad breath (poor thing, doesn’t know what’s happening!)

NOTE: Do not misunderstand your dog’s bad breath as just dog breath. What causes bad breath in a Dog? Majority of the times, it is the oral hygiene of dogs that lead to bad breath and sometimes, it is the sign of a more serious problem that requires veterinary care.

Periodontal or gum diseases- Pathological inflammatory condition of the gum

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Periodontal diseases or broken teeth can also be reasons for the bad breath in dogs.

The increased bacterial growth in their mouth can cause a foul smell. This gets their breath worse and worse.
DO NOT TAKE IT EASILY! THEY CANNOT BRUSH THEIR TEETH. You have to do it for them or else the bad breath will remain. It will sting like death!
And please! DO NOT USE YOUR TOOTHPASTE! Toothpaste for humans can upset the dog’s tummy. Use toothpaste specialized for dogs.

Remains of food in the mouth can also lead to bad breath in dogs. Dogs love to go around and find things to chew or eat. Well, the adventure doesn’t need to end up well because there can be things stuck in between their teeth (WHO KNOWS!).
These remains in the mouth encourage the growth of bacteria (UGH! It is a hard time again).

As you brush the dog’s teeth, check for any unwanted substance that lingers in their mouth.

Summary: Brushing your doggy teeth daily will keep bad breath away. Fix an appointment with Vet Doctor if you feel something terribly wrong with the breath of your doggy…

Systemic disease – Diabetes, kidney disease or liver disease

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Does your dog breathe smell fruity or sweet? If yes, OMG!!! Your doggy is suffering from diabetes, you need to make an appointment with your doggies veterinarian.

It’s an acute stage, but yet a treatable condition. Proper treatment needs to be given, or else it may bring down your doggy immune system.

Breath as bad as the smell of the urine

Ugh! I know that stinks but no, he has not been drinking urine but his kidney is up to something mischievous. Yeah, kidney troubles can cause bad dog breath and please, take your doggy to the nearest veterinarian. Your dog needs doctor attention rather than yours.

ALERT!!! It disturbs your doggies metabolic balance and may be the symptom of kidney failure.

Bad breaths are bad but not so bad that you have to keep ’em away from you. They will be so shattered! DON’T DO IT!

Liver issues can also be a reason for bad breath in a dog. Vomiting is a sign of a lack of appetite that occurs due to liver problems.
Watch out for yellow tinge in the gums!

These are the disease  associated with feces smelling breath.

Summary: This is quite serious and does not hesitate to go to the vet. (You cannot say whether it is an oral issue or some serious illness).

BAD NEWS! – Tumor

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TUMOR!– An oral tumor can be a reason for the bad breath in dogs.
Worried about how this happens? Well, as the cells in the mouth of the dog multiply at an unusually fast rate, the growth of the tumor happens.

In the absence of blood flow, the growth dies and the dog’s breath is just like death! UGH!

Summary: It is high time to take your dog to the vet! (Come on! Be a little responsible now rather than keeping your dog away ‘cause of his bad breath!)

So, what’s the takeaway?

Your doggy is a part of your family, now it’s your responsibility to take care of him… Brush his teeth daily, keep hygiene. If necessary take him to the vet and watch over him, well! You can handle it all!
Get rid of the bad breath, easily and Yaaaaaaayyyy!!! It is going to be all love and fun!

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