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What houseplants are poisonous to Dogs

The most toxic houseplants you need to avoid if you have a Pooch at home.

It is so wonderful to have some green in the house. Maybe not some, but lots of green. What houseplants are poisonous to Dogs?

What Houseplants Are Poisonous To Dogs know more at

Into the habit of planting and decorating the house with plants? Well great, you got some good and fresh air to breathe. But wait! Is it healthy for your Dog too? What houseplants are poisonous to Dogs?

PEOPLE! Listen Up! Not all houseplants are good for your Dogs! Your Dog is a living being too and he needs to be fine in his home.

If you are not careful about the type of plants you decorate your home with, you will be killing your beloved fur buddy.

YES! You will kill them. Oh, why?

Don’t just bring home every other plant you like; make sure it doesn’t harm your pet.

Well, let me suggest a few houseplants that you need to avoid in order to keep your Dog safe and happy.

DO NOT IGNORE IT! (Well, if you do, you can regret later. Ugh!)

ALOE – Amazing for consumption, deadly to pooch

aloe is mildly toxic if ingested by your dog know more at pettingmydog.comOH MY! Do not cover your face. You heard it right! ALOE!

Aloe is that one herbal plant which has great benefits on humans and almost half of the population have it in their homes.

Well, let me just tell you, keep it away! (At least, put it up in your terrace and if you do not have one, keep it away from the reach of your Dog)

When your Doggy ingests aloe, GUESS WHAT HAPPENS!!! Glycosides in the aloe are absorbed by gut bacteria producing compounds that increase saliva production and water in the belly.

Aloes contain Saponin and these toxicants can harm Dogs when they ingest it. The reason why keeping it away from the Dog can help.

Summary: Indeed, this stuff is incredible to have close by for skin-alleviating purposes, yet it’s not all that fun when your pooch chooses to crunch on a leaf.

SAGO PALM – Alluring plant can trouble your pet canine health.

sago palm houseplant coantins high toxin leading to liver damage in dogs know more at

I know it is quite beautiful and gives a luxurious look. Well, you don’t want to murder your Dog, do you?!

Sago plants seed and leaf is loaded with highest level of the toxin called cycasin.

The effects of Sago’s palm on Dogs are very severe and chewing or biting any part of the plant can lead to jaundice, vomiting, clotting disorder, increased thirst, bruising, liver failure and what more, DEATH!

I’m telling you over and over again! Take care of your Dog and just don’t drag this plant into your house.

Summary: Sago palm may add glory to your yard, but it will kill your canine.

DIEFFENBACHIA – Toxic enzyme

topical oilve oil is good for both hair loss and itchy skin in dogs know more at

Other common names is Dumb Cane, Exotica or Tropic Snow.

Easy to grow, easy to hurt. WELL, biting or chewing this can cause injury or swelling to your Dogs mouth as it contains calcium oxalate needles and oxalic acid.

Don’t take it silly. He might go through intense burning of mouth and lips, excessive drooling, mucous membrane irritation, vomiting, etc.

Does it sound good? I don’t think so!

Summary: Say BYE to dieffenbachia, your canine health is more important.

DRACAENA FRAGRANS – Just as dangerous as the name

Dracaena causes gastrointestinal upset in doggy know more at

One of the best indoor plant, its attractive green color add life to your rooms, office. If your canine ingests this plant, his life will be in danger.

The plant causes vomiting, depression, drooling and lack of appetite in Dogs.

Summary: AVOID!!! Dracaenafragrans planting. Your canine health is more important.

DESERT ROSE- Deadly to Dog (contains Digoxin – an organic compound with a group of glycosides)

Desert rose beautiful succulent but too dangerous to your doggy know more at

Okay, I understand. It is beautiful but can kill your Dog! OPEN YOUR EYES!

Injection of this ornamental plant can depression, diarrhea, irregular heartbeats and also lead to DEATH! Why, but why!

Summary: A beautiful succulent but its toxicity can range from mild to severe.

KALANCHOE – Cardiac symptoms like arrhythmia

kalanoche is toxic from mild to moderate depends on your doggy ingestion know more at

Available in 125 different species. Bushy plant with blooming flowers terribly increases the beauty of your yard.

Kalanoche had high glycoside concentration, houseplants are poisonous to Dogs.

In case healthy quantity of kalanoche has been swallowed by your Doggy, it may show some signs like drooling excessively, affects nervous system, disturbing the digestive system, with diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Cardiac glycosides boost sympathetic cardiac release and automatic rhythmicity in toxic doses, potentiating ventricular arrhythmias. COMPLICATED!!!

Such beauty with so much evil! No need for more information, it straight away affects the heart!

Summary: Yoo-hoo!! Kalanchoe adds colors to your lawns, all the same, it’s very toxic, to your fur friend.

EUCALYPTUS – Gastrointestinal and neurological damage

eucalyptus can trigger gastro and neuro problems in dog know more at

Good for you, bad for your Dog!

Eucalyptus oil is used in aromatherapy and one of the best skin care oil.

Eucalyptus ingestion can cause gastrointestinal as well as neurological damage. In addition even the smell can bring mood swing in your Doggy.

ALERT!! Oh yes! Depression, weakness, dilated eyes,  vomiting, etc. are the health issue if your Doggy ingested this plant leaves.

Summary: Eucalyptus is famous for its medicinal properties, but its harmful for your canine companion.

FLAME LILY – Toxin alkaloids (colchicine)

flame lilly is toxic from mild to moderate depends on your doggy ingestion know more at

Hey!! Have you noticed flame lily plant? It’s petals look just like a flame. May be that’s the reason it’s named as flame lily.

A beautiful medicinal plant, but very toxic might even kill your furry baby.

Kidney failure, liver damage, paralysis, death! Well, sounds interesting?
Not a serial psycho killer thing!

Summary: Keep it away so you don’t kill your Dog.

FLAMINGO FLOWER – Numbness and irritation

flemingo contains a natural toxin insoluble calcium oxalate crystals know more at

Flamingo flower contains insoluble calcium oxalate crystals which works as natural buckler mechanism for the plant, if your pooch chew it would harm him.

It is quite beautiful but the ingestion of the flower can cause harm to your Dog. So, I would say NO!

Summary: Insoluble calcium oxalate can irritate your Doggy mouth.

PEACE LILY – Burning pain and swelling of the mucous membranes of the mouth

peace lily tiggers mouth irritation in doggy know more at

Do not be mistaken by the name. It does not provide any kind of peace to your Dogs.

Why? Your Dog might suffer from mucous membrane irritation, intense burning of the lips, mouth or tongue, difficulty in swallowing and so on.
Say what? Peace?!

Summary: It too contains insoluble calcium oxalates very toxic for your Doggy.

OLEANDER – Contains cardiac glycosides oleandrin

cardiac glycosides toxin prsesnt in oleander may kill your dog know more at

Contains cardiac glycosides oleandrin, houseplants are poisonous to Dogs that it can kill your Dog. And the reason? Simple – Heart failure.

The whole plant is toxin (root, stem, leaves, seeds,  flowers).  Toxin may even affect gastrointestinal, neurologic system of your Doggy.

Summary: One of the poisonous plant that can make your canine companion very ill and may also lead to death.

ASPARAGUS FERN – Toxic agent sapogenin

Asparagus fern contains toxic agent sapogenin dangerous to your dog know about What houseplants are poisonous to Dogs more at

Airy plant has many other names like emerald feather, emerald fern, sprengeri fern, plumosa fern or lace fern.

Such a cool plant but the consumption can cause gastrointestinal upset, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, etc.

Summary: Appearances are deceptive. Never allow your pooch to get exposed to this fern, they may even cause allergic dermatitis.

BEGONIA – Tubers are the most toxic

Begonia is mildly toxic contains insoluble oxalates know about What houseplants are poisonous to Dogs more at

Such a common houseplant, mildly toxic contains insoluble oxalates, particularly in the tubers. The whole plant is harmful to your Dog.

Common symptoms are difficulty swallowing, drooling and vomiting.

Summary: Though it’s mildly toxic yet it can harm your Doggy health.

PEYOTE – Mildly toxic

Mescaline an active compound in peyote dangerous to your dog know more What houseplants are poisonous to Dogs at

Mescaline and other alkaloids are the toxins found in peyote plants.

Trust me, it is such a cute plant but how sad! It can cause diarrhea, vomiting, intoxication, and psychotropic in your Dog.

Summary: It belongs to the cactus family, people love growing this plant in the garden as it is both medicinal and ornamental plant too, DON’T FORGET!!! It is toxic to your Dog.

CACTUS – Beautiful succulent causes skin irritation


Cactus is beautiful succulent but causes oral irritation in doggy know more about What houseplants are poisonous to Dogs at

NO WORDS TO SAY… Cactus species are quite attractive plants, they make your home look more beautiful.

Ornamental plant just adds more vibe to your place but can cause skin injuries in your Dog.

Summary: Most of the cactus species are toxic, the toxic substance present in each species differ from each other. Thorns and spikes are too dangerous.

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So, what’s the takeaway?

Can you just imagine there more than 600 plants containing toxic substances that may harm your canine? Isn’t that a big list?

I can guess like me you too might be interested in keeping your home green. It’s a good thing.
At the same time before choosing a plant you need to study it well, consider your canine companion health.

Therefore WATCH OUT! Be careful with what you choose.

Maybe you love houseplants, but don’t you love your Dog more?!

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