What human foods are bad for Dogs?

Do you have a furry baby? Your best friend? Love dogs but still not aware of What human foods are bad for Dogs? First of all, you should know that human and dog metabolize food differently.

Well, you better know it before you end up REGRETTING.

Dogs are man’s best friend!

all human food are not good can be even harmful for your dog

But no man doesn’t need to share all of his food with this best friend (Lucky you!)Dogs will make sure you have enough to eat unlike your best friend.

The particular being needs the BEST FOOD.
Be very cautious. Take care of your dog from no toxic food intakes.

Being a dog lover, or petting a dog…You need to know, some important FACTS ON What human foods are bad for Dogs?.

What human foods are toxic to dogs?

Here is throwing some light on what human food bad for Dogs? and which can cause severe health problems.

First in the list…

Chocolates are poisonous to Dogs!

What human foods are bad for Dogs? all the reason why eating chocolate is bad for your dog know more at

Yes, you heard it right!

All those bars and boxes of chocolates which you can’t keep your hands off from!

Well, keep it tight with you or else you might kill your dog!
Surprised!? Well, be thankful. You just don’t have to share chocolates.
It’s all yours. ALL of it!

Still not able to digest the fact that the world’s best thing is harmful to dogs?

Well, I’ll tell you why – Chocolates contain a stimulant called Theobromine

(as complicated as it sounds). It’s found in almost all type of chocolate extremely in dark and baking chocolate, which can severely affect the heart, guts, kidneys and the central nervous system of the dogs!

Recalling the day when your fur buddy had seizures, vomiting or restlessness?

Well, it is high time you avoid them from getting into diarrhea and hyperactiveness.

Summary: Did it surprise you? Chocolate is life threatening to your dear doggie, therefore, do not feed them.

Another villain…

Xylitol – Sugar-free Sweetener

What human foods are bad for Dogs? Xylitol sugar free sweetener is very toxic know more at

Are you a sweet lover? Do you feed the same to your dog?

No More Mistakes!!! xylitol is very toxic and can be life-threatening to your dog.

If you suspect that your poor baby fur has taken xylitol, take him to the nearest VET Soon, as it may cause the blood sugar of your dog to drop, leading to liver failure.

Symptoms of xylitol poisoning include weakness, staggering and vomiting.

Let’s keep them healthy living foods like sweets, baking foods, mints, candies, sugar – free groceries at bay from your buddy.

Summary: Xylitol is safe for you, but not for your doggie. If your dog eats any product containing xylitol, it can lead to a rapid release of insulin that will seriously reduce blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

Do you share your coffee with your best friend? If yes… PLEASE STOP IT!!!

Caffeine is a hazardous package for dogs

What human foods are bad for Dogs? Your coffee tea can harm your dog health know more at

Life Happens, Coffee Helps!

Well, Coffee WON’T HELP dogs but will HARM them!

Have you heard about methylxanthines? It’s found in coffee bean which is very harmful to your pets life.

Muscular tremors, vomiting, palpitations, excessive thirst, hyperactivity rapid heart rate – Caffeine is a complete Poison for dogs.


Summary: Get your dog something healthier while you have your morning coffee (Don’t let him get the kick).

Now if you think of feeding some vegetables to your pet… Understand.

Onions, garlic, and chives lead to stomach aches in dogs

What human foods are bad for Dogs? eating onion garlic chives  can cause stomach aches know more at


Vegetables and herbs NOT to the rescue! Can cause gastrointestinal irritation.

Onions contain N – propyl disulfide, a dog – toxic compound. Garlic and chives are too toxic

Keep them away from your dog cause you just don’t want them to have gut and stomach irritations.

And oh yeah!! It can lead to red blood cell damage and anemia (It is pretty serious; be damn careful). Symptoms may include weakness, nausea, breathlessness, and loss of food.

Just say a BIG NO to ONIONS (Don’t just say, do it).

Another core factor to note is…

Consuming alcohol is injurious to Dog’s health too…

drinking alocohol is injurious and harmful to health of dog know more at

But to be more accurate, Alcohol is toxic for your dogs, even in small quantities.
Alcohol beverages and food products containing alcohol are also counted in.
From vomiting, diarrhea, depression and blood changes, it can also lead to COMA and DEATH!!!!!!

Maybe it is time for you to give up on alcohol.
You do not want to crawl into a gradual and painful death, either! (Dogs can ensure their master’s healthy life!)
Even not the touching to be shared…

Summary: For your information!!! Not just consuming alcohol is harmful. Even products like perfumes, mouthwash and cleaning products, that contain alcohol should always be kept away from your doggy.

Grapes and raisins, toxic level is high!

grapes and raisins is very harmful dangerous to health of your dog know more at

AVOID grapes!  Yes AVOID raisins!
definitely AVOID hot cross buns, fruit loafs and mince pies.
Just keep it away.
No second thoughts, nothing!
It is completely dangerous and there ain’t any safe dose.

Summary: Keep Raisins and grapes out of reach of DOGS! (They are sensitive)

Avocados are also of same negative effects on Dogs

 What human foods are bad for Dogs? avocado has high concentration of persin toxin harmful to dog health know more at

Talking of the wonder fruit, Avocado, it is NOT going to be WONDERFUL.
They are highly toxic for dogs with a high concentration of toxin called persin in leaves, bark and in fruits of avocado.

If they eat avocado, it may increase fluid in their lungs and chest, leading to difficulty breathing, oxygen deprivation, and even death.

Summary: Make avocados your healthy choice, not your dogs!

No cheese please…

high fat content in cheese may cause pancreatitis know more at

Planning on cheeseburgers tonight? Good choice, but do not SHARE it with your furry buddy. He just won’t stand it!

Cheese contains high-fat content and many dogs lack enzymes that break down milk products – causing PANCREATITIS IN DOGS.


Bread and nuts – just keep it AWAY! They are filled with toxins that can make dogs seriously ill.

Better make sure that even the bins are cleared of moldy foods. Keep it out of reach from your dear pawed partner.

Summary: You can fill your tummy with cheese but don’t share it with your dog, they may not be able to digest whole of it.

Ah! That’s one great list (but trust me, there is more).

Is it Nuts Bad for Dog?

Nut Dangers to Dogs. Find Out Which Nuts Are Safe — And Which Aren’t

So, what’s the takeaway?

Not all human foods are good for your doggy. What human foods are bad for Dogs? Your furry buddy has to travel along with you, therefore it is your responsibility to take care of his foods. Monitor all foods before introducing it to your dog’s menu.

Dogs are absolute love and better take care of them right cause you’ll have the best friend for your life.

STAY ALERT AND CAUTIOUS (when it comes to what you feed your FURRY BUDDY). So that you DO NOT SHARE your food with them- They might not even stand it!

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