What to do if your Dog eats chicken bones

Ohh no, your dog ate chicken bones? Make sure it never happen again.

Dog and Chicken bones: Are you confused? Read On…

Dogs love bones and we have seen it for a very long time. Even if not, in reality, we have really watched every movie and cartoon with Dogs having bones in their mouths. What to do if your dog eat chicken bones?

Trust me, I’ve always had a million questions. ‘Cause, after all, we don’t do that with bones!

Do you love chicken bones and do you feed the same to Doggy?

chickens bones can be dangerous to Dogs know more at

Well!! Talking of bones, we humans, love chicken and it is quite obvious we feed chicken to our Dogs too.

We love eating the chicken lollipop(the leg is just the perfect chicken part) and the wings too. Also, the chicken breast. Uh! We love chicken, completely.

But have you had trouble with the bones? Sometimes yeah! But has your Dog?!

Well, don’t leave it silly if he has had an issue. You better take care of that.
Before even talking about Dogs eating chicken bones, there is a bigger warning.


(Seriously! It can get stuck in their windpipe. Rush to the vet ‘cause it is going to be great trouble)

So what would you do if your Dog eats chicken bones or gets troubled with it?

Chicken bones may get stuck in abdomen know more at

Doggy enjoys yummy chicken, it’s like a feast to him, sometimes while enjoying delicious chicken bones gets stuck in his throat.

So when you see your Doggy choking or gagging help him out by removing the bone safely.

If it doesn’t work, what are you waiting for take him to the nearest VET.
Generally, trouble comes with the cooked chicken bones. Raw bones are the best for Dogs health.

It is so funny that we have trouble with the raw ones. ( Eyyooouu!! We won’t even take it anywhere near our mouth! Gosh!!!!!)

Raw bones can be much messed up and end up being bloody. Yeah! Mouth Injuries! Check with the vet!

raw marrow chicken bone is safe for dogs

You should note that raw bones are good for your Dog. They love it but sometimes “sometimes” these can get stuck or cause trouble (especially cooked bones).

Such situations can be wisely handled ‘cause all you need to do is consult a vet and its done. Neat and clean. Do not panic and scare your Dog too.

What to do if chicken bones get stuck in lower jaws of Doggy?

You know it is very irritating and painful when food particles get stuck in your lower jaw. So imagine the plight of the poor thing. With the bones looping in the lower jaw, there is going to be much anxiety for the Dog. Stay calm and take him to the vet.

There can be another situation – Bone getting stuck in the esophagus!

cooked chicken bones can cause internal bleeding and blockage know more at

Chicken bones are very smooth and when broken, often leave very sharp edges. If your Dog is choking don’t try to vomit your Doggy there is a risk of sharp sliver of bone cutting the esophagus on the way up and out. Just don’t do much of anything. Take Your Doggy to the nearest VET.

Warning! Why your Dog shouldn’t eat chicken bones. (1)

Gut Impaction: Sometimes bones can get stuck in the intestine of your Dog. This causes a blockage and it will require surgery.

Constipation: Sharp and scraping bones will give a hard, resulting in constipation. There can be severe pain as the bone fragments will be hard to pass out.

Rectum bleeding can occur and it can be very dangerous.

Peritonitis: Bacterial infection “peritonitis” can be caused by the bone fragments. This can even lead to the death of your Dog.

Due to the given circumstances, consulting a vet is important when your Dog has eaten chicken bones. It is going to be alright, but you should be smart to save your Dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will your Dog be ok if he ate Chicken bones?

Yes, He is going to be Ok, only if you take the right and smart decision at the right time.

Stay calm nothing to worry contact your vet immediately. You can also give him some digestive juice that would help the bones to pass easily to the other end without tearing intestine and esophagus.

What Types Of Bones Can Dogs Eat?

There are different types of animal bones , when it comes to feed your canine you have to follow some guidelines.

Raw bones: It safer to give your Dog raw bones than cooked bones. Raw bone is bendy and springy, your canine will get minerals and vitamins from raw bones.

While cooking hardens the bones and increases the risk of breaking the bones when chewed.

Bone size: Bone may get stuck in the esophagus, the tube that food travels through to reach the stomach. Always opt for marrow bones because they won’t be able to swallow, Doggy has to chew it down and digestion becomes simple.

How long does it take a Dog to digest a bone?

Sharp-tooth and mouth are intended in such a way that it can bite and chew food quickly and easily.

They have powerful and strong esophagus. Like humans our body PH level plays a major role in digestion and almost all functions of the body.

In the same manner-the lower PH in the stomach of your Dog, the faster food is broken down by hydrochloric acid and enzymes and transformed into nutrients. Dogs PH level of stomach should be lower for their fast digestion.

There are different organs, fluids and enzymes involved in the Dog digestive system, all playing their roles to transform food into usable energy.

Full process of digestion is completed in 8 hours after meal. This time is shorter for small breeds and longer for large breeds.

So, what’s the takeaway?

What to do if your dog eat chicken bones? “It is better to stop something bad from happening than it is to deal with it after it has happened.” I don’t say do not feed you Doggy chicken but please do check he doesn’t swallow any chicken bones. Whenever you serve your Dog Chicken please confirm there is no chicken bones in the bowl because it might put his life in trouble.

You can serve him raw marrow chicken bones.

Watch them carefully. Well, chicken bones may not be the absolute worst thing your Dog could ingest, it is certainly not, by any means, considered safe.

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