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What to give a Dog that has diarrhea

Quick easy medication and home remedy for diarrhea in dogs

Diarrhea is as bad for Dogs as it is for humans. DO NOT TAKE IT EASILY.

Dogs are amazing, your best furry baby. What if his stomach is upset? Definitely will upset your mind too… What to give a Dog that has diarrhea?

You do not want it to feel troubled, do you? Well, it is time to take care of him.
No need to Panic. You can do it. (Be the BAWSE)!

Before talking about the things you can do or the measures to take when your Dog is suffering from diarrhea.

Let me throw some light on the symptoms.

symptoms and sign of diarrhea in dogs

Yes! You need to know when your Dog is suffering from what.

You can’t take him to a walk to make him happy if he is actually slouching because of terrible abdominal pain. DUDE! Listen up

  • Loss of appetite – Is your Dog not eating food or eating less than usual? It can be the first symptom of an upset stomach?
  • Stool is not normal – ALERT!!! It can be tarry stool or stool with fresh blood
  • Marked lethargy – OHHH!! Your Doggy might look tired and dull.
  • Abdominal pain signals – Is he groaning, bloating, panting (all unusual things).

All of this stays for longer than 48 hours


What to do?

what to do when your dog gets diarrhea

Well, you can be quite confused or in a stage of dilemma ‘cause you definitely are in doubt of how to deal with it and moreover, you are worried!

Come on! Take a chill pill! It is all easy and you can have it all settled.

Let’s feed your brain the things you can do when your dog is suffering from diarrhea.

What home remedy can I give my Dog for diarrhea?

Has this question arisen in your mind? Come let me help you.

Rice water is best to avoid dehydration in Dogs

Avoid diarrhea dehydration in dog with rice water

Just cut off all heavy food for a few hours. To avoid dehydration Oh yeah! Feed him RICE WATER FAST just that. Easy, isn’t it? ( I told ya, it is going to be easy and you needn’t panic).

Do not use fiber-rich rice. Take the best quality white rice and boil it until the liquid is creamy white.

Cool it and feed it. If he doesn’t like it, add some chicken baby food( well, rice water can be too boring, you see?). Do not add much of the chicken baby food( you do not want to trouble him, again).

Next comes PROBIOTICS friendly bacteria

probiotic an active bacteria helps in maintaing healthy bacteria in dog digestive tract

Probiotics friendly bacteria will act as a help in the recovery.
Have you heard about this bacteria?

Probiotics is an active bacteria that live in the digestive tract.

Probiotics restore and maintain a healthy bacterial balance in a Dogs digestive tract

Let me tell you, it even modulates the immune system.

You will find it in yogurt or get some from the veterinarian.

Summary: Make it his only food for the next 24 hours. No compromises on that!

Summary: Here is the tip: MIX IT WITH RICE WATER and yaaaay! Here we go! Two in one shot! (It is such a cool and easy remedy).

Re-introduce filling foods, slowly slowly!

Re introduce filling foods slowly to dogs after diarrhea

With the plenty of water, rice water, and added probiotics, introduce small portions of protein and flavor.

But do not feed him too much all of a sudden. It will cause illness once again. Take it slowly. Very slowly.

Summary: Feeding your pooch solid foods steadily will help his digestive system to adapt slowly to heavy foods and help in regaining health.

STOP for a moment…

Do you know what human foods are bad and harmful for dogs?

So, what’s the takeaway?

Diarrhea is a common problem in Dogs, all you need is to find out the reason.

Above we have explained some easy and quick way to help your pooch.

If your pooch state of the condition hasn’t changed, no improvement,


Call your vet right away or take your pooch to the veterinarian.

Written by Your Dog Advisor

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