Which nuts are bad for Dogs

Even in your dreams dont ever think of feeding these nuts to your lovely pet Dog

Can Dogs eat all kinds of nuts? See what nuts are bad for Dogs

all nuts are not good for doggy health know more at

From the past, we are hearing and experiencing the goodness of nuts. Nuts are great for health and they are tasty too, but that’s for you and not for your Dog. MIND IT!

The next concern that may arise in your mind is what nuts are poisonous to Dogs?

Not all nuts are toxic to dogs(1), but they are high in fat. Leading to obesity, pancreatic problems, choking hazards in canine.

Wait! Not all nuts are harmful, but some are and you better take care of that rather than hurting your Dog.

The single most important thing is not to feed your canine commercially packaged nuts, which is sprinkled with salt and other chemicals.

Let us check out which all nuts you should avoid for your Dogs.

Don’t panic if you have already given it to them or if they have consumed it. JUST MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT REPEAT IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Can Dogs have walnuts?

Ingesting walnut causes stomach irritation in Dogs know more at

Do not feed walnuts (English walnuts, Japanese walnuts, and black walnuts) to your Dogs.

Walnuts are too high in fat. Walnuts contain a fungus called tremorgenic mycotoxins. The effect of this fungus on your Dog is as dangerous as the name sounds.

It can end up in your Dog experiencing seizures and other complicated neurological conditions.

Apart from this walnuts are bigger in size compared to peanuts or pistachios, therefore it’s not so easy for Dogs to chew or digest correctly.

Intestinal obstruction and stomach irritation are the common problems your canine face after ingesting walnut.

Summary: Walnuts are toxic to Dogs that is the case, it is better to avoid walnut. Walnut is not your Doggies cup of tea.

Is pistachio harmful to Dogs?

Pistachios rich in fat content causes pancreatitis in pooch know more at

Man’s best friend just can’t eat the man’s favorite food. Yes, pistachios are harmful to Dogs.

Pistachios carry aspergillus mold that generates aflatoxin and can cause damage to the liver of your dog.

Pistachios are not toxic to Dogs, but it has high-fat content. OH!!!! Poor baby. That’s not the only reason, your pooch digestive may block especially when pistachios not shelled.

It does not end here, so what’s the next trouble with pistachio? Simple – liver damage, intestinal troubles, and a major choking hazard.

Summary: Pistachios is very delicious, your Doggy might enjoy eating it but the after effects are very dangerous. Frequent ingestion of pistachios can cause pancreatitis in your tail-wager.

Can Dogs eat macadamia nuts?

Macadamia nuts are toxic to Dogs know more at

Ummm… One of the world’s expensive nuts and your furry friend can’t have it. What a pity!

Well, don’t pity him because eating macadamia nuts is poisonous to Dogs.

Macadamia nuts are a premium product, in the same way, it’s high in fat too.

The toxin present in macadamia nut has not yet been found, but I can tell one thing, the toxicity of this nut can be severe on your canine.

It is pretty bad for Dogs if they eat macadamia nuts the results are upset stomach, pancreatitis(2), fever, shivering, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, etc.

Summary: Consuming macadamia nuts may result in neurological symptoms in canine. Hence it’s better to keep away macadamia nuts from your pooch.

Should Dogs eat almonds?

Almonds create gastric intestinal distress in dogs know more at

Yes, almonds. Isn’t it strange? Such great food yet Dogs should avoid them.

Well as a matter of fact even the slightest amount of unsalted almond can cause irritation to your Dogs. So why take the risk?

It does not end here, technically speaking almond are not toxic but its high-fat content, they just find it really, really, hard to digest nuts, especially almonds.

Summary: Do not feed your Dog sugar coated or chocolate covered almonds. You are going to hurt them very, very bad if you do that.

Is hazelnut toxic to Dogs?

Eating hazelnut causes choking hazard in dogs know more at

Dogs can eat hazelnut. OH WAIT! Dogs can eat hazelnut and not be toxic. There is no problem if they eat unsalted or uncoated hazelnuts.

BUT, If you have a puppy it can end up being a choking hazard. Intestinal obstruction can also be caused.

Now that sounds a very good reason to not let your Dog have hazelnuts.
And just in case you didn’t know Dogs usually swallow hazelnuts instead of chewing it. You see the trouble, don’t you?

Summary: Hazelnut is not harmful to your Dog, but there is a chance to get stuck in their intestines if your Dog tends to swallow hazelnuts.

Is cashews bad for Dogs?

Cashew nuts are rich in potassium which causes urinary issues in doggy know more at
Cashew nuts are rich in potassium which causes urinary issues in doggy know more at

I love cashew nuts, don’t you? Most of us do and since we love it we have this tendency to feed it to our pets too.

Well just don’t. Raw cashew nuts are very harmful to your Dogs just like poisonous ivy.

One more thing to note is that cashew nuts have a high concentration of potassium which causes health issues in Dogs, more like urinary issues.

Summary: Eating lots of cashew nuts can cause weight gain and issues with pancreatitis in Dogs

At Last, Not nuts are only take aways.

No more mistakes with houseplants, which is harmful to your Dog. Houseplants are real healers but is it all of them safe to your doggy? Know more about What houseplants are poisonous to Dogs?

Frequently asked questions

Are peanuts bad for Dogs?

Peanuts are not considered toxic to Dogs but like all other nuts, a high concentration of fat is found in peanuts too. As you know consuming too much fat is not good for Dogs. The result may be upset stomach or even lead to pancreatitis.

AVOID SALTED PEANUTS – Too much salt can lead to sodium ion toxicosis.

What if a Dog eats pecans?

In the same manner as pistachios, pecan nuts have aflatoxin, a substance that can cause liver damage to Dogs.

A BIG NO to Moldy pecans as it includes tremorgenic mycotoxins(its found in walnut too) that can lead to seizures or neurological problems.

So, what’s the takeaway?

It is true that we want to feed our pets the food we love because we share the things we love with our loved ones. But, we actually forget to take into consideration their health conditions or reactions to certain foods.

As masters, we should be careful about what we feed our Dogs. After all, they love you the most.

So, next time you think about feeding nuts to your Dog, make sure that it is not harmful to him.

As explained above nuts are high-fat content, never add nuts in your doggies daily diet he may gain weight and severe health problems such as pancreatitis.

Though all nuts are not harmful to your Doggy, do confirm what nuts are poisonous to dogs?

If you are not sure about it, consult a VET. It’s just a few questions and you can save your Dog’s life!

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