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Why are grapes bad for Dogs

Beware of the toxicity of grapes in dogs

You might L-O-V-E grapes but it is such a sad truth that grapes can actually harm Dogs.

why are grapes harmful to dogs

Yes! grapes are bad for Dogs! Raisins too!

(Do not ignore the fact)

Can a single grape kill your Dog? I guess!!! This question might have arisen in your mind.
It’s not about one grape or raisin… These are high toxin keeps it in mind. Do remember next time when you feed grape to your Doggy.

But do not think it is going to do them fine if not in huge amounts. Well, I’m telling you over and over again,

Even the slightest amount of raisins and grapes can effect Dogs, severely.

Secondly, it doesn’t matter what type or category the grape or raisin belong to. It will harm them.

What? Is your head bothering you why you can’t feed your Dog grapes or raisins or are you worried why your Dog was in such discomfort when you fed him/her grapes or raisin?

Well, this is it – Kidney Failure!

grapes raisins is highly toxin can cause kidney failure in dogs

Want to damage your furry’s kidney? I don’t think you want to. So just keep it away.

And if you recall situations where your Dog ate raisins and was doing fine, well don’t just boast over it, you were just lucky. DAMN LUCKY.

BUT DO NOT ENCOURAGE IT! It will soon bring down your luck.

Are you confused about why your Dog is behaving unusually? It is because of raisins or grapes?

Well, I could throw some light on the signs and symptoms that may occur after a toxic ingestion

  • Symptoms No.1 SEIZURES
  • Symptoms No.2 TREMOR
  • Symptoms No.3 COMA
  • Symptoms No.4 LOSS OF APPETITE
  • Symptoms No.5 ABDOMINAL PAIN
  • Symptoms No.6 DEHYDRATION
  • Symptoms No.7 OLIGURIA
  • Symptoms No.8 ANURIA
  • Symptoms No.9 LETHARGY
  • Symptoms No.10 WEAKNESS
  • Symptoms No.11 UNUSUAL QUIETNESS
  • Symptoms No.12 VOMITING
  • Symptoms No.13 DIARHHEA
  • Symptoms No.14 FOUL BREATH
  • Symptoms No..15 ORAL ULCERS

Oh, come on! That’s more than enough for symptoms.

Talking about the harm caused by grapes and raisins on Dogs, it is quite unfamiliar what exactly is the toxin.

It is true that it can even lead to the death of Dogs, but it is quite uncertain what exactly costs the death or dis-comfortability in Dogs.

Don’t just take it easy. Even 2-3 raisins can kill a Dog. Trust me, it will!

What to do if your Dog eats grapes?

Treating the Dog

Well, once you realize that your Dog has consumed grapes or raisins, it is important to do the necessary immediately. Be quick!


The veterinarian will use emetics to cause the Dog to vomit

The veterinarian will use emetics to cause the Dog to vomit.

Activated charcoal can be used to trigger the absorption of toxins in the gastrointestinal tract.

If the situation is anuria, the Dog should be treated with hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis for supporting the kidney.

If oliguria is the situation, dopamine and furosemide are used for stimulating urine production.

If possible, admit your Dogs in the hospital for 24-48 hours. That will be of great help. You can really see the immediate recovery of your Dog.

Take my advice, feed them blueberries! It boosts antioxidants in the Dogs. Aint that great?

Want to share your food with your Dog?

Here are some of the best human foods that DOGS can eat


Aint all these a good option?

Do you confused…

Can Dogs Eat Nuts? Find Out Which Nuts Are Safe And Which Aren’t feeding nuts are good for your Dog health Which nuts are bad for Dogs?

So, what’s the takeaway?

Just like chocolates, grapes and raisins are also very very bad for Dogs, You love them? Have it!!

Never feed your Doggy raisins or grapes.

Just don’t!

There are thousands of other foods that you can feed them. Focus on that!

Written by Your Dog Advisor

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